Design Process

This article contains vital information in order for me to create your custom design. Please note that I may disregard your email if it clearly shows that you have not read this article. It's my way to trim down the amount of requests I receive and also see who is clearly interested. So, please read the following.

*For those who wish to simply suggest an idea for a template do not hesitate to read the following as well since it contains the basic information I need to create a design.

The very first part of the design process is the header. The header is the very first thing people will notice when viewing your blog, it therefore needs to have the look and feel you want your readers to get from your blog as well as convey vital information such as title, tag line and topic.

+ Topic

When contacting me please provide a description of how you see your blog|website|company, what it means to you and how you'd like others to view it. In other words, explain to me what your blog|website|company is all about.

I do visit your blog|website and read a few posts but sometimes topics are a bit abstract or completely new to me so having a bit of information is a must!

+ Purpose

I will also need to know your blog|website's purpose. There are several purposes a blog|website can have (selling, reviews, personal, informational...) but basically I'd like to know if you wish for a more professional/business theme or a personal journal style.

What's the difference?
- Business type blogs|websites tend towards minimalism with an emphasis on the logo.
- Personal Journal blogs are usually more fun with many little illustrative details.

+ Content & Layout

What do you plan on having on your blog|website? Do you need special areas for specific content (ads, sliders, videos, quotes...)

Emphasis on blog|website posts or on the side content? What is more important to you and your readers?

+ Colors

This can also be discussed along side the topic since they are usually related but if you have any color preferences for your template please tell me when you contact me. I'll create a color scheme based on your wants. If you don't know what colors you'd like provide me with a few colors that you really do not like that way I'm sure of not picking those.

+ Character Design

Often, customers enjoy having the main character resemble them. If you would like this, please provide me with a short description of yourself or a photo.

Sometimes, I receive requests for specific clothes, I try my best with these but I do not guarantee a specific outfit. But you can definitely choose between styles like casual, sexy, conservative, business, sporty...

Do not hesitate to be as detailed as possible when contacting me and to add any extra information I have not covered above.

+ Design Process

  1. Contact me and provide me with your basic idea of what you would like (theme, colors, and anything specific you think I should know).
  2.  I will then send you a date for when I can begin work on your design, a series of more detailed questions. *Please be available to check your emails daily during the designing process.
  3.  I will provide you with a selection of ideas for you to choose or discuss (usually 2 ideas sometimes more).
  4. The drawing of the header begins
  5. A revision of the header. (if needed)
  6. The creation of the layout, icons and dividers.
  7. A revision of the layout, icons and dividers. (if needed)
  8. Payment process.
  9. Installation.
* I do not request an advance on payment but once I begin work on your design, there is no turning back, it's a lot of work to create a design and I appreciate not to work in vain. When there is a long waiting list I will contact you a week before the previously set up work date to see if you are still interested.

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