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On this lovely sunday morning, I decided to try out a technique I read about online
How to Scan Film Using Your Ordinary Flatbed Scanner.
I haven't used a regular camera in ages, so I went down to the basement and rummaged through old boxes until I found some negative from my school days.  I can't remember what this shot was for other than it was with my photography class stuff... no they are not my legs!!! LOL!!!

I printed the little template provided with the article from PetaPixel and cut it out of some silver metallic cardboard I found among my myriad of art supplies and tried scanning the negative.

It works! It's not great, but perhaps the quality of my film negative wasn't all that good either. The scan came out so pale once I inverted it that I had to up the contrast so much so that the photograph became all grungy and pixelated! The effect was interesting like an old newspaper print!!! I tinted the photo to age it even more and added a fun little shoe empowering quote playing with the words sole and soul!!!
On the whole it was a fun little weekend project!!!

* for those with a flashlight app on their smartphone you can try the following technique
  How To scan film using your phone or tablet computer it actually works great!!! just make certain your iphone doesn't have a crack in it ... it will appear on the photo!


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