I love working on book, writing, literature design work!!!

parler beau responsive website design
I recently worked on a website design for a retired french librarian. She wanted me to visually create a navigation system that allow her to show how various texts, poems, authors connect and link back to each other. I jumped on the idea, I just loved it!!! So, I worked with a multi level menu that's connects through using categories and tags. As she adds new content, it will show how everything is connected to each other like a brainstorm!!! She also wanted a clean and minimalistic design with a touch of fun! She's a big fan of F. Cheng's calligraphy work so I pulled out my ink and brushes and played!!!
 I also had fun working on making the design responsive so the content can be easily read on ipads and smart phones!

Overall a lovely and fun project!!!

Parler Beau - s'inspirer au quotidien


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