What does a freelance graphic designer do on her off time?

She creates more work!!! 

Like curing a friend's sad business card from the microsoft word illness...
revamping old store logos for the fun of it... designing her own xmas wrapping paper / gift cards, and so forth!!!

I swear, I am not a workholic!!! I just love design and find many, if not all, of it's aspect fascinating. My latest interest is animation.
I've been following Shorts of the week for a little over a year now and the animations are just so wonderful and impressive.
One of my favourites is "The Thomas Beale Cipher" animation by Andrew S Allen, the collage look and all the textures are simply amazing!!!
The movement is also incredible, you really get the sense of being in a moving train car with rocking of the whole screen.

So, I decided to improve my very limited animation skills. I have basic knowledge of animation but never went full out and attempted to create a short movie. Thus, I called up one of my writer friends and begged for a short story or even some flash fiction and he gave me the intro to his, in the works, new book: one page of typed urban fantasy deliciousness!!!

It's probably going to take me forever to complete but the challenge is an interesting one... hopefully it will turn out decent!

Here's my game plan:

Step 1

  • Read an analyse the text. Get the general feel for the story and choose an art style. Pin point the different landscapes and locations. List all the actions.  ~ Completed,  I decided to work with a film noir ambiance with a lot of shadow play. As for the art style I will use a mixture of line art and paint smudges for the background and texture filled silhouette art for the character.

Step 2

  • Draw up a storyboard, decide on scenes ~ tried doing this, realized I have nowhere enough knowledge or examples. So it's research time and watching movie time while keeping a close eye on camera angles and how a scene works to create emotion.

Step 3

  • Character design. ~ I've been drawing up characters all week and I'm still not quite satisfied. I have very little physical description from the text and my author friend refuses to give me more info ;-) I think he's waiting to see what I come up with to finalize his character!

Step 4

  • Draw/paint the sceneries

Step 5

  • Draw the character in every imaginable position I might need. Find and scan textures.

Step 6

  • Open up flash and begin to animate

Step 7

  • Record and play around with my own sound effects. ~ I can't wait to do this part! 

Step 8

  • Revise, rework, redo everything!!! Repeat!!!


  1. This sounds like a great project, can't wait to see the animation when it's finished.

    1. Thanks Sabrina,
      it will probably take me a year to complete LOL!!! but I'll be posting updates every now and then!!!



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