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I rarely get the chance to create a blog design for a man, mainly due to my drawing style that is rather feminine... so when Benjamin emailed me I jumped on the occasion. He's a fellow artist and creates wonderful urban sketches and watercolors. I really wanted to help him out and show off his work at its best.  In order to do so, I began by creating a logo that would represent his art and also act as his own brand.  I had fun creating several samples of these for Benjamin. I took out my markers, pens, and exactos and basically just played around with sketches of my own and several methods of creating a grunge look with various scratches (I even used a fork for rubbing off the top layer of ink!!!).  As much as I love creating vector art on the computer it's also fun to get my hands drily with more traditional art methods!!!

Next, came the actual design, I really wanted to create more of a portfolio look rather than a traditional blog look. So, I used a script to create automatic post summaries for the main page, which creates little vignettes of Benjamin's art ... similar in a sense to my own design here (although I use a different method). Next, I really wanted to use the header area as a main showcase section ... so I figured out an easy method to use the blogger image upload feature in a slightly different way... it basically uploads a new image underneath the header image so Benjamin can change the header artwork anytime he wishes and still have the wonderful grunge border effect I created!

Another difficulty I had with this design was to create a grunge look that isn't too grungy. It was actually quite hard not to go overboard!!! At some point I was just having so much fun creating effects with splatters, rusts and various other photoshop brushes!  :-)

Benjamin also sells his art so go over and check it out, you may find something you'll love to put up on your wall or as gift for a friend, colleague or family!



  1. Great work!
    I love the little automatic post summaries, wish I had thought of them. :)

    1. Thanks Sabrina,
      well when you need a change we can definitely go down that road by displaying many vignettes rather than one large post... it would even look good with the current look!!!

    2. I need to think about that some more. :) But it's definitely good to have that option available.



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